A happy developer, is a productive developer!

Measure your team's happiness

Feedback reviews that track your team's state of well being towards a happier environment for everyone

Ask and you shall learn

How it works 🤔

  1. Happymeter asks your people how they feel 📨 Your team members get a bi-weekly email asking them if they are happy.

  2. Team members answer questions to uncover their mental state of being 🤫== HappyMeter asks about the most important aspects of their well being. ==

  3. Answers get aggregated to a happy-measuring dashboard 📈🙌Automatic alerts let you know when changes are occurring so you can manage your people faster, better and with their wellbeing in mind.

Are you a manager?

  • Uncover the bad mojo as early as possible.

  • Understand how to course-correct

  • Every team member is different and every person matters.

Bring happy-ness at the job!

Are you a developer?

  • Help your managers by letting them know how you feel.

  • Make them accountable to your feedback.

  • Take responsibility of your well-being at work

We make it super easy for you!

It's all about the people

Stop the firefighting
Start early

We tend to think that everyone cares about the same things. Learning opportunities, career growth, renumeration, feeling important...

  1. 😟 I am not learning too much lately...

  2. 😞 I feel lost. My teammates aren't helping too much...

  3. 🥱 Past month has been so boring...

  4. 😀 These stuff are so exciting!!!

  5. 🤔 Could I handle a project myself?

In reality, the don't worry about the same things at the same time!Every person in your team worries about one thing more than anything else.But until you get to know what that is, it's probably too late.
Understand what will make each one feel the happiest to belong in your team, as early as possible!

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Why I made this

For developers, by a developer

I have been a developer for more than 20 years myself and collaborated with numerous fellow devs during my career. Slowly, it became clear to me, that when teams grow beyond a handful of people, it's easy for management to start thinking in 'groups' rather than persons.Even good managers with good intentions, usually resort in trying to tackle issues for the whole team.But talking with people as a peer, showed a different story. Every person, each for their own reasons (be it their life situation, background, personal aspirations, whatever) worry about different things. Although the worries can be shared across the development community as a whole, on an individual level, people have different fears, and they worry about different things at a given point in time.HappyMeter is my answer to help both team members and managers be more intentional about their efforts, focusing on each team member individually.Join me to create a happier work enviroment! 😄